Dental Services for the Entire Family in Lisle, IL

When you choose Lisle Family Dentistry, you have access to a full range of dental services at one convenient location. Our team provides general dentistry, treatments for oral diseases, dental restorations, cosmetic services, and more.

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Here is an overview of the most popular services in our dental office:

All On Four Implants

All-On-4 dental implants is a revolutionary alternative to dentures. Also known as teeth the same day/teeth in a day. If you need to replace a set of missing teeth, in the lower or upper jaw, then this modern method might be suitable for you. All-on-four implants are considered less invasive due to the reduced number of implants necessary to complete this treatment.

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Dental Bridge

Filling in the gaps when you are missing one or more teeth is called a dental bridge. Bridges are secured to healthy surrounding teeth or dental implants. These custom-designed restorations improve both the appearance and function of your smile. Bridges, or a tooth bridge, can last for many years and are a great option to consider after tooth extraction.

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Dental Exam And Cleaning

Regular check-ups and cleanings are the foundation to maintaining good oral health. A dental evaluation with a combination of digital imagery and thorough visual inspection helps us identify potential dental issues in the earliest stages. So partner with our team through consistent dental exams to maintain a healthy smile for life.

Tooth Crown

A dental crown can be paired with an implant to replace a missing tooth. In addition, a tooth crown
can be an excellent solution to strengthen a tooth that has been severely damaged. The crown is custom-designed to fit over the tooth's remaining structure, resulting in a long-lasting restoration.

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Full or partial dentures will not only restore the function to talk and eat, but dentures,partial dentures,or permanent dentures; are essential to help each patient maintain their confidence and self-esteem. In addition, these natural-looking restorations are available to replace many missing teeth with one simple prosthetic. Talk to our team about traditional dentures, complete dentures, denture implants, or implant-supported dentures.

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Dental Implants

Modern-designed teeth implants include a combination of a post placed in the jawbone with a restoration (such as a crown or bridge) secured on top. A successful dental implant, or teeth implants, can last for a lifetime, giving you a long-lasting solution to replace missing teeth. Talk to our implant dentist to see if they are the right fit for you.

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Dental Emergency Services

When a dental emergency happens, timely treatment is essential to minimize the long-term consequences of the injury. Contact your emergency dentist without any delay if you have a toothache, dental trauma, an injury, or any other condition affecting your teeth or gums. At Lisle Family Dentistry, we’ll provide you with the best local emergency dental care available. Call us now if you are in need of any emergency dental services.

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Tooth Filling

Removing decay is vital to prevent further infection and the spread to other areas of the teeth. Our tooth-colored dental fillings, and cavity fillings, use the latest technology, creating a comfortable and fast solution to restore a damaged portion of the tooth.

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Smile with confidence when you have straight, aligned teeth. Invisalign's invisible braces provide an effective solution to correct common misalignments, using clear trays that you can wear throughout the day. Invisalign, with its clear aligners, is an excellent alternative to traditional braces with brackets and wires.

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Root Canals

When the inside of a tooth is infected, the overall structure of the tooth can be saved using root canal therapy and a root canal filling. The dentist carefully removes the infected area within the tooth then fills it to preserve the remaining portion of the tooth. This process, and other teeth restoration solutions, may help you avoid the need for tooth extraction.

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Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening. This in-office treatment is fast and effective, delivering immediate results as you leave the appointment.

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Tooth Extractions

When a tooth is damaged beyond repair, tooth extraction, or tooth removal, might be necessary. We use modern techniques to ensure your comfort during the appointment. Additionally, a variety of dental restoration services can be paired with tooth extraction, so you can maintain a beautiful smile after the tooth has been removed.

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Dental veneers are a great option to consider if you want to invest in a smile makeover. This cosmetic treatment is an effective way to overcome common aesthetic concerns, including small gaps, tooth size, coloring, and more. Also, teeth veneers give you the freedom to design the ideal smile you desire.

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